What’s Rocksbox?


Rocksbox has become on of my favorite companies this year. I recently partnered with Rocksbox and I have been promoting them for the past month. There are always a handful of people who get confused with the process of this monthly jewelry service when I post about it on my social media pages. So, I’m here to elaborate because it can be confusing!

Let’s start off by saying, who doesn’t want hand picked jewelry shipped right to your door?


Rocksbox is a company that hires stylists to hand pick pieces of jewelry for the consumer (you). When you first sign up for Rocksbox you take a style quiz so that they can get a good idea of what your style is like and what type of pieces you would swoon over.

They have different brands that they feature like Kate Spade, Kendra Scott, and Sophie Harper. Always, always, always high quality brands and gorgeous pieces.

So, Rocksbox is $21 a month membership service. You are sent three pieces of jewelry to wear as long as you want. If you like this jewelry, you can use your $21 credit towards the pieces. If you just want to rock them for a week or two, you can do that also and then send them back when you’re ready.

$21 seems like a bit of money just to get jewelry sent to your door without even getting to own, right? Well, that is true. But- I think that $21 a month for three pieces you can wear as long as you want is a deal. I know if I have a statement necklace I’m not going to constantly wear it because it is way to memorable to get away with wearing all the time. So, once you’re done having your fun with the pieces you can send them back to Rocksbox in their reusable packaging and their return label that is sent in your monthly box (easy peasy).

The hardest part about Rocksbox is taking your box to the post office when you’re ready for a new one and deciding whether or not to keep all of the pieces they sent you!

If you absolutely love your piece you can use that $21 of credit towards a piece that you want to keep. You might want to buy all of them, like I did.

Remember, you do get a bit of a discount on the jewelry through Rocksbox opposed to buying the same piece inside a department store or from the seller alone. By being a member you also get exclusive discounts on pieces on their website even if they weren’t in your box and also exclusive access to the clearance pieces.

I wanted to share this company with y’all because I am very fond of it and if you’re on the fence about it still, they have allowed me to share a special code with you to try Rocksbox free for one month.

Use code “champagneandacarryonxoxo” at checkout to receive one month free!

Happy shopping!

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