Wallpics Changed My Decor Game

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or know me in real life, you are probably aware of the situation that Justin and I are in because of baseball. We have to pack up and move at the beginning and the end of every baseball season and sometimes during the season (we haven’t been in that situation yet). Anyways, moving is hard enough and when you have to do it multiple times a year, you need to stick to the necessities only. So, we skip out on a lot of the things people would usually have in an apartment, like decorative lamps, cute night stands, pictures hanging on the wall, pretty much anything that makes a place feel like home. We currently live in an apartment and you know how crazy apartments are with damaging the walls, so we haven’t even been able to hang pictures up and we’ve held off printing our wedding pictures because we can’t do much with them if we do print them.

Luckily, a friend of mine told me about this app called Wallpics. Wallpics is an app that allows you to create self-adhesive photo boards using any of your favorite photos to place on your wall as simple and unique wall decor in whatever space with no damage at all.

When I heard about Wallpics, I knew it was just what I needed for our little Virginia apartment since it would make our space a little homier and we wouldn’t have to worry about any damage.

I downloaded the app and chose the photos I wanted to print on the photo boards. I was able to adjust the photos by centering them if they weren’t already centered on their own. Then when I was finished, I placed my order and waited for my Wallpics.

I swear this entire process was so easy. I received my package from Wallpics about 3 business days after I placed my order which was impressive considering the quality of the pictures.

My pictures came in one shipment which was nice because we put them up immediately. Justin and I laid all of the photo boards out and kind of played around with how we wanted to set them up before we stuck them on the wall.

Then we just took the sticker peel off of all the boards and began placing the pictures.

We stuck them on the wall and weren’t happy with how our original placement came out so we took the pictures off the wall and stuck them on again and they held up great. We did this a few times and I thought maybe the sticky part would wear out after taking the pictures on and off a few times, but it didn’t.

I’m so confident that these boards will last us a few moves and even when the sticky patches lose their stick, they are easily replaceable.

The entire process from start to finish was so easy and it has made the biggest difference in our apartment. The picture quality is nothing short of satisfactory. Our pictures came out so clear. Wallpics are just what we needed for our apartment and they are perfect for anyone who moves constantly or for anyone who wants to have pictures up around their place without having to damage their walls. I knew I needed to share with y’all because especially for the WAGS out there, this is a game changer!

Use code “wallpics” at checkout for 10% off your purchase.

And don’t worry, there is always free shipping within the US. International shipping prices may vary.

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