Our Life Plan & God’s Timing

This has been heavy on my heart for a while now and I knew I needed to share on this topic. Lana Harrison (@Lanaelizabethharrison) and I worked on this piece together and we pray that it helps someone, even if it’s just a little.

We’ve all been through those seasons of waiting or have been completely impatient with how our lives are playing out. Trust me, you are not alone. Whether it be waiting for the next boyfriend/girlfriend to come along, an engagement to finally happen, that moment you find out you’re pregnant after trying for months, making that advance in your career, or seeing improvement in an area of your life, we’ve all been there at one point or another. And the season of waiting isn’t always fun.

I’ve been there. I’ll be there again. But next time I’m there it won’t be as anxious of a time for me because I have been able to realize that God’s plan for me is far beyond my own plan for myself. Every time I have wanted something and been put on hold I was frustrated and upset because I didn’t trust His plan. But I came to realize that there was always something better waiting for me. Because often times we have our plan figured up in our heads expecting to get that exact thing from God when we ask Him for it. We pray for His will to be done while deep down hoping that it lines up with what we have mapped out.

There have been times where I didn’t get the position I wanted in my career and I had to wait for another opportunity to come along but when it did I realized why God made me wait and why I wasn’t given the original position even after hundreds of prayers. What He had in store for me exceeded what I wanted for myself. And that is always the case. Never has God made me wait or put things I wanted on hold and not delivered or given me better. Our waiting periods are not always “no’s” from God. Waiting seasons are designed to prepare you for the upcoming promise God has in store for you. It simply means that you are not ready yet. Waiting is protection, not God withholding something from you.

God loves us far beyond anything we could ever fathom. Why would he not want the best for us? Think about it. God Himself created you in His own likeness. His OWN image. That itself is a promise that God wants the absolute best for you and His plan is not flawed. But He isn’t going to force you to follow it. He’s going to offer it, and then He’s going to give you the option to choose it. You will either trust Him and step out in faith, or think He is withholding something from you and fall back into your comfortable state. He isn’t going to let you settle and throw anything remarkably decent your way. He’s going to offer you the best thing possible for you, and guess what, it isn’t always going to line up with what you think it should be. God is God and we are merely human beings, and Satan would like nothing more than for you to fall back into your pit of comfort because you think you know more about you than God does. Satan’s best work starts in the heart of an uncommitted Christian. Someone who not only dwells in a specific mindset because its comfortable but refuses to let God move because they feel as if He is withholding something from them. And trust me, if Satan tempted Adam and Eve with that mindset, he won’t stop from doing it to you either.

God has purpose for the seasons you are in. In our seasons of waiting we become disciplined and learn to trust in Him and His plan. When we realize that He has it all under control, it makes the seasons of waiting a lot easier to push through and sometimes it doesn’t even feel like we have to push through because we understand that He has a purpose for everything. When we come to the realization that He knows far more about us than we ever will is when true faith begins. But faith isn’t necessary when we know everything that is going to happen in our lives. He is a good God but He only gives us what we need for the day. And when we become grateful for what God has given to us RIGHT NOW, then we can trust Him with what He plans to give us in the future.

If you’re currently in a season of waiting or God’s timing doesn’t align with yours, be patient and have faith. Both patience and faith are things that cannot be inherited or learned, but they are supernatural thing that only an all-powerful God could ever give. It beings with trust. It begins with knowing that He is the Creator and we are just the created being. We are on journey after God’s own heart and His ways are higher than ours. Walk in freedom, friends. He wants nothing but the best for you and it’s His offering, and all He wants is your patience and your trust. Let Him do a work in you today and watch Him do the supernatural in your life.

By: Lana Harrison & Victoria Garza

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