My first time at the Drybar

One of the most brilliant ideas yet, a salon that only styles your hair. Every women’s dream, well it is my dream at least.

I haaaate doing my hair, so I either curl it so it lasts a few days or I wear it in a ponytail. I hardly ever straighten it because I hate the way my hair looks straight. But, I don’t blow dry my hair because it is so thick which means it takes me a while to actually get it all dry and by the time it’s dry I’m ready for a nap.

One of my best friends has been going to this place called the Drybar, which I’ve heard of plenty of times before, but I never found interest in checking it out for myself. She literally raves about it every time she goes. And I must say, her hair is always poppin’.

This weekend she came out to visit my husband and I in AZ with some of our friends and she decided she wanted me to experience the fabulous Drybar with her. Her, another friend, and I all booked appointments and the rest was history.

Ok, I’m being dramatic. It was really great though.

So the three of us walked in and we’re instantly greeted with warm personalities and genuine smiles (and cookies, there were cookies too.) I knew that I wanted to blog about my experience which meant I had to take some pics and some places aren’t really cool with all that, but the Drybar front desk girls were so sweet and told me to take as many pics as I pleased. I loved them from that second forward.

We arrived to our appointments almost 20 minutes early because we were in the area earlier than we expected, and they still took us less than 5 minutes after we walked in on a Friday.

They allowed us to hang out purses at the stations we were going to be seated at then immediately walked us over to the sink area where we had our hair washed/conditioned with some of the best smelling products ever. Our stylists washed our hair for 5-10 minutes and it was extremely relaxing. I almost fell asleep, like who does that when their head is in a sink?

Then, once that was finished we walked back to our seats and then the magic happened (being dramatic again, but I loved this place y’all.) During the whole process there are movies playing so you can watch and relax while they do your hair. They seem to play chick flicks, cause they had 27 Dresses on when we went. Literally winning.

We were seated and offered a variety of drinks and also asked which style we wanted to go with. There is a look book for you to skim through to chose the style you want. Since it is called the DryBAR, the hairstyles are named after drinks. The cosmopolitan or mai tai are some examples of the names. Super stinkin’ cute huh?! I chose the mai tai because I loved the look of loose beachy waves since I can never manage to accomplish that look on my own.

They put Drybar products in your hair before they start blow drying for heat protection, tangles, and shine. Once your hair is completely dry they add more product to aid whatever your hair needs. Then, they continue styling if you want to do curls, waves, or crimping.

It only took about 45-60 minutes for the entire thing which isn’t bad at all, considering that’s how long it takes me to do my own hair without blow drying. And watching a movie and chit chatting with your sweetheart stylist makes time fly. Before you know it you’re poppin’ and ready to hit the town. JK. Kind of.

But your stylist will show you your hair when she’s done and then you can change whatever you want or tell her how much you love it. I wanted a little more volume and she made it happen with no hesitation.

My friend Danica didn’t quite love the way her stylist did her hair so I asked my stylist if she could fix it and she fixed it without a problem, which was really reassuring because these girls are really there to make us happy guests.

I left the Drybar so extremely happy and I almost signed up for a membership but thank goodness this baseball life has our living situation all mixed up because I was about to get an $80 membership until realizing they might not have one wherever Justin gets sent to for the season. Big save. Although, I will continue to go to the Drybar because it only cost $45 to do all that. How insane right?! It’s not incredibly cheap but it’s def a fair price for what you get. And like I said, it was so relaxing and nice to have my hair styled by a pro.

These are the final looks. Can you tell we’re happy campers? 🙂 And how gorgeous do my friends look?!

I also couldn’t leave without some of that product because the smell and the way my hair looked was phenomenal. I ended up buying a hair detangler/heat protector and their triple sec spray which is kind of like a dry shampoo/texture shampoo.

So my final words to you about the Drybar are: go to your nearest Drybar and try it out. Your hair will thank you. Every girl should experience this at least once if they can. If not, I know they well drybar products at Sephora and you can give yourself a blowout at home for cheaper!

If y’all ever need someone to go with, I’m in 😌


We’re where? Doing what?

I feel like I’ve been MIA for a little and I just wanted to fill you in because everyone is always DMing me or asking me what we’re doing, where we’re at, etc. and if you follow me or read my blog I’d assume you want to know also. It’s probably been less than a week but in the world of social media that’s a long time to be away since having a blog and Instagram for it requires a lot of attention to maintain afloat.

Let’s start with the fundamental facts before we go into other details. My husband plays minor league baseball with the Cleveland Indians for those of you who may or may not know. He was drafted in 2015 out of college (Cal State Fullerton) and he’s been with the Indians ever since. While he’s been with the org we have been long distance for a majority of the time because BASEBALL.

We got married this past January, and we decided it was time to live our lives together because distance isn’t very fun. He wanted to bring me along with him on this crazy baseball journey and crazy me agreed. So here we are.

This past Friday I left my awesome job at Chase bank. It was a really difficult decision I had to make only because of the circumstances. I had the best coworkers and management team anyone could dream of. I had just received a raise that would make finances a lot easier for Justin and I. I worked close to my house and my hours were great. Buuuut, Justin and I knew that even though everything was going well for me, it wouldn’t make it any easier for our marriage because we’d be apart.

We thought that being together for our first year of marriage was crucial to building a strong foundation. And I also didn’t want him to have to go through this alone because the baseball lifestyle is a total grind.

Ok, so here we are today. I got to Arizona on Sunday afternoon. We moved into an airbnb in Buckeye for the month since spring training ends April 1st and it’s nearly impossible to find a one-two month lease for an apartment. We’re pretty close to the facility which makes everything a lot easier.

Sunday we settled in and unpacked, real lowkey day. Monday I went to the field and hung out with another WAG and at night we all went out for dinner and drinks.

Today is an off day, which is extremely rare in baseball. It’s not like your 9-5, 5 days a week. Justin probably gets 10 days off throughout the entire season, some of those being travel days. So off days are big deals. We’re going to be exploring Scottsdale, Arizona together.

Tomorrow is back to the grind for Justin which means it’s back to the grind for me. I won’t be working while I’m here in Arizona because I’m not here long enough. In the free time I have I’ll be creating a lot of content for you all and of course I’ll make sure to bring you along with us on the journey we’ve just embarked on.

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Wooden Watches: My Spring Accesory

Let’s take a minute to appreciate this gorgeous wood watch y’all. I mean, a wood watch? How freakin’ stylish is that. Don’t sleep on JORD y’all. They are absolutely killing it.

I’m telling you this because you’ve probably seen one of these wood watches by now since they are all over the internet. There is good reason that these gorgeous watches are all over my feed. Insta worthy af!

Finally, an accessory that speaks volumes. It’s so difficult to find a women’s watch that is unique and cute without being extremely bold. Tbh, I bought Justin the Apple Watch wood band by JORD for Valentine’s Day because I thought it was such a cool piece and I was low-key jealous once it arrived. I regret not getting him the actual mens wood watch only because JORD offers watch engraving and I couldn’t utilize their engraving since Justin has the Apple Watch and I could only order the band from JORD. Maybe that’ll be his next gift (hope you’re not reading this Garz!)

BUUUUUT, I finally got one of my own so now we’re styling together. (Are we couple goals yet?)

I get so many compliments on my watch no matter what I’m pairing it with. I love the simplicity of my watch because I’m not as bold when it comes to my wardrobe as other girls bloggers are. I can wear jeans and a white tee and I’ll call it an OOTD look because my accessories are the most important thing when it comes to my looks and the accessories make or break my look.

That is why this watch has changed the game for me. My wood watch adds so much more pizazz. This watch is definitely an eye catcher. Like I mentioned before, it’s so perfect with a minimalist look because it isn’t bulky or bright, it’s just unique. I cannot even keep track of how many compliments I’ve received since I’ve had this watch. It is unreal.

The color I chose for my watch is my personal favorite for styling for the spring. The lighter wood on my watch and the blue face is spring. This women’s watch will go with all my light colors and other spring essentials perfectly. I can’t seem to keep this watch out of my look whenever I wear my jean jacket because the colors just go so well together. I hate not wearing it, so thank goodness it goes well with pretty much everything. Don’t judge me if you see my posts with the same watch in 3 different colors, k?

But lets get real, I didn’t write this post just to brag about my cool new watch. 

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7 Tips I wish I knew when I was wedding planning!

If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t. Our wedding day was the best day of my entire life. It was beyond perfect and we are so blessed to have the wedding we did, but there are a few things I want to share with you because if you’re engaged or know someone who is, this will probably help a lot.

It was tough for me because I’m young so a lot of my friends aren’t married yet, honestly probably 2% are married and everyone in my family has been married for a long time now. It was for sure a learning experience.

Here are my tips for you:


If I could do it again I’d wait 1-2 months before planning the wedding.

I focused waaaay too much on the wedding and not enough on my, at the time, fiancé. We didn’t enjoy it as much as we should have. Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful, but the entire year we were engaged I don’t remember talking about much besides the wedding. I’m probably being dramatic but it seemed like everything we did in that year was for the wedding. Now that it’s all over, I wish we would’ve went on more date nights and enjoyed the little things more than we did. It didn’t help that we were long distance for 6 months out of that year and the last 6 months were the months right before the wedding and we went straight into a wedding shower, bach parties, etc.

Just remember being engaged is a small chapter in your life that doesn’t last very long at all.


IDK why I didn’t do this! Or no one told me! You can’t pick a venue if you don’t know how many people are going?! You can’t know how many people are going until you make a guest list. Ours changed until the day before, so I know it’s not going to be set in stone, but you do need to sketch one out for a head count. You don’t want to look into venues if you don’t know how much space you’ll need.

Also, more guests means more money. Let’s get into money.

P.S., Guest lists are tricky, but we’ll talk about that in tip #4.


Yes, every blog says this (like almost every blog, I know), but seriously. Get your numbers together. Cut back on things you don’t need, like shopping at Sephora every month, or going to dinner 2x a week.

Once you see how much money you can save from the time you start planning up until about two months before the wedding (everything is usually paid for a month before the wedding at the latest), you need to price things out. See how much you need to save to have the wedding you want. We went over our budget and the only reason why is because we didn’t expect things to be so darn expensive. We weren’t totally clueless, we knew it wouldn’t be cheap, but we didn’t know it would be THAT much.

I mean we spent over $10k on just the photographer, cake, decorations, bridesmaid/groomsmen gift, wedding singer, hair, makeup, accessories, honeymoon.

That isn’t including the band, the dj, the dress, and most importantly a venue.

We couldn’t afford a videographer because we went over budget and we really wish we would have gotten one. Those cost about $2k-$4K. YEAH, CRAZY.

So before you do any type of planning, make a budget. It’ll make choosing a venue a lot easier since you know you can look for venues that offer certain things like, alcohol, wedding planner, etc.


People are going to get mad or upset regardless. Even if you invite everyone you want and everyone who “wants” to go, there will still be people upset they weren’t invited. We have friends we haven’t talked to in yeeeears, some hadn’t even met my guy and vice versa with Justin’s friends and they expected an invite. I would def invite the entire world if I could and if weddings were not ridiculously expensive. But truth is, they are expensive and you can’t invite just anyone.

We cut our guest list down a lot and towards the end it was nice cutting people off the list because at the end of the day it wasn’t who “should” be invited or who “wants to go”, but we made ours with happy hearts when we finalized our list based off these two questions, “would they be happy to share this day with us because they’re happy for us or because they want to party?” and “would we be sad if they weren’t there?” Because at the end of the day that’s all that matters. Don’t go crazy and cut your grandma and crazy aunt off the list though, try to be realistic when it comes to immediate family. In the end, it’s your special day.


People don’t want to make waves during your wedding planning process because if they’ve been there they know how hectic it can get for the bride. So, people are usually more than happy to help but that doesn’t always mean to pay.

Ask your bridesmaids to help decorate for your shower. Ask your aunts to send you ideas for decor. Ask your mom to be honest with you when things don’t look good/seem like a good idea for your wedding. And most importantly, ask your future spouse for help. I totally underestimated my husband when we went through the wedding planning process. I put so much stress on myself because I figured, he’s a guy, he doesn’t care about this. When in reality, he cared so much. Once I started asking him for help and advice on wedding stuff, it got fun and way less stressful. And remember, it’s his day too!


My biggest regret was not getting one. I’m still pissed about it, lowkey. Because, we didn’t budget properly and add it into the mix. I’m telling you, it goes by SO QUICK. I remember bits and pieces and some of it is such a blur because it happened so quick and we were having so much fun. Pictures are amazing, but I wish we could relive that day a little better. I know it’s a lot of money, but if you can get a videographer please get one. You will regret it more if you don’t than if you do.


YES, relax. This only happens once in your life (if you’re lucky), so enjoy it all because it will fly by. Before you know it you’ll be married and celebrating your two year anniversary before you can even grasp the fact that one of the most important days of your lives is over. I mean I’m still not over it.

I was a bride, I’ve been there and done that. If you have any questions about weddings or planning them, do not hesitate to ask.


February Faves

Does anyone else feel like 2018 will be the longest year ever? I mean, February BARELY ended. Like that’s just insane to me. I thought the month would fly because January was super long, but guess not. And there was only 28 days, like really?

But, since the month felt so long, I had a lot of time to fall in love with so many products, foods and even some Netflix shows.

1. Essie – ballet slippers,

has been my freakin jam all month. You may or may not know, in just one week I’ll be leaving California to travel with my husband as he begins another season. Which means, I will be jobless for a minute. I had to start cutting back on things that are not necessities. Guess what’s not a necessity…acrylic nails…I made the choice to stop spending money on getting my nails done because I can do them myself for free. With that being said, I have fallen in love with nail polish again. It’s the perfect muted pink. It is so hard to find a pink that’s not too peachy or too warm or too mauve. This color is a keeper and now I don’t mind painting my nails because of this gem.

2. Bath and Body Works – Moon Stone Collection.

I am honestly not fond of the body spray from this collection but the bath milk / bubbles and the body lotion are bommmmb. The scent is semi floral semi musky and I’m totally into that right now. The perfect scent for the transition between winter and spring!

3. Urban Outfitters Açaí Baie perfume.

I had originally bought all of my bridesmaids this scent as part of their bridesmaid gifts. I loved the scent when I first smelled it and I couldn’t get enough of it after that. I had to go back to buy myself one because whenever I was around one of my bridesmaids who wore the scent I knew right away and I wanted in on it, lol. I reach for this perfume over my high end perfumes, that says a lot.

4. Hourglass Ambient light bronzer.

I cannot do my makeup without this bronzer. It is a little pricey for one item, but it’s soooo worth it. I use it as eyeshadow too on the days when I don’t have time to get myself all together but I wanna feel like I’m together. It’s the perfect warm bronze shade. You definitely have to have some color because when I would use it before I had any tan it was too orange. But now that I’m more tan, it’s perfect. The way the product picks up on the brush and the application is smooth and effortless.

5. Bite Beauty Caramelized.

SEND NUDES. Literally, nudes are the only shade I’ll wear on my lips, UNLESS I’m trying to be bold and wild I’ll reach for red or a plum pink color. This color is warm and is a pinkish caramel color. It’s everything and I haven’t been able to put it down.

6. Blvd Lashes Monte Carlo.

If you’re a lash person you know all lashes aren’t the same. Blvd has the nicest mink lashes that I’ve been wearing for about a month now and they’re barely becoming unwearable. The band on the lashes are thick and it makes the application a whole lot easier. They’re a newer company who have a lot more people to reach and I know they will because their lashes are golden. I’m so glad I was introduced to this lash company.

>>I have a coupon code for my followers for 15% off your purchase. Just enter CHAMPAGNE in the code section at checkout. I hope you love them as much as I do!<<


I kind of fell off the Netflix train and now I’m on it again and I can’t get off. Every episode just pulls you in like some kind of weird addiction. But my husband and I decided to pick a show to binge watch together during our free time and I do not understand how it took us so long to discover this show. Who has watched this show before?!? Justin and I are like all in with this show. We’re barely on season 3/4 I believe and it’s the best combo of drama and comedy. I mean maybe you have to have the humor we have but it’s so funny. It’s a show about lawyers with all these crazy cases that they always seem to win. Of course there’s way more that the show carries but I wouldn’t want to give anything away. And Meghan Markle! She’s a doll. Must watch show if you’re looking fo a new binge worthy series.

8. Nordstrom Rack Initial double chained necklace.

$9.90 (on sale online! I bought mine for 19.97) I am swooning over simple jewelry these days and this necklace is perfect for every outfit. It has the initial, J, on it for Justin (cheesy af). I gravitate towards this simple little piece every day.

9. Bath and Body Works Palo Santo Candle.

I’m that person that always has a candle burning and there’s certain scents for certain seasons and this is my current candle scent. It’s so light and semi floral. It’s fresh. Candles just give the best vibes, ever. And it’s pink. Big win. Next time B&BW has a sale, pick one of these up or ten. Whatever works.

Those are some items and things that I’ve been loving the month of February. We’ll see what March brings since the real wife life and baseball life begins.

Until then, Cheers.

Trader Joe’s Staples

We all have that store that we cannot live without and we don’t know who we would be or what we would do without it, right? Or is it just me? Probably just me.

Trader Joe’s has literally been MY STORE for the last six months. I kind of go crazy when I do any type of shopping, but Trader Joe’s limits me in a good way. They have things I absolutely need and some things I could do without but I can get away with.

So, I decided a few months back that I would do my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s because for the most part they have everything I need and I’m totally obsessed. Oh yeah, and it is not as expensive as normal grocery stores from what I’ve experienced.

As I have routinely been visiting Trader Joe’s, I have found some items that I have become truly fond of and I want to share them with you. You may or may not be a Trader Joe’s person, but I promise if you’re not, you will be because you’re bound to become utterly obsessed with one of these products if not all.

These are some items I always pick up when I hit Trader Joe’s:

Let’s start off with the flowers.

It’s the first thing you see when you walk into TJ’s. I try to pick up some eucalyptus or fresh flowers when I stop in because,

1. They’re gorgeous

2. They’re super inexpensive. They range from $3-$11!

The flowers aren’t huge bouquets or anything fancy, but they are simple and are my favorite way to liven up a room. Eucalyptus is like my thing right now and I never feel guilty buying it because it’s only $3!

Ok, probs my favorite item that exists, GONE BANANAS.

These chocolate covered frozen banana slices that are a true guilty pleasure. I mean, they’re bananas so they can’t be that bad if I eat a whole box while watching Netflix, right? But really, I have gotten everyone addicted to these things. My roommate loves them, my cousins, my best friends, and even my husband. He hadn’t had one before and I gave them to him one night and he kept asking for more, lol. Give them a try, they’re delicious.


My husband and I are all about those Japanese Steak Houses. The salads they have at literally all of them are bomb. And I have tried so many different brands of ginger dressing to mock those salads at home and nothing has come close. But, I found this gem and it is a game changer. The taste def isn’t for everyone, but if it is something you like then pick this up soon.


Ya’ll have never had trail mix if you haven’t had Trek Mix. Honestly, even after eating trail mix I feel guilty about it. But these, these are too good to feel bad about. Trader Joe’s used to carry trail mix with mini peanut butter cups in them instead of pieces of regular chocolate, but sadly they discontinued those for whatever crazy reason (I’m real upset still). Thank goodness these ones are super comparable, minus the peanut butter cups. The nuts in this mix are of such good quality and the chocolate, oh man. Good stuff.


You def have to be a lover of tart flavored things. This juiiiiiiice is amazing. It isn’t too sweet, like at all, and it’s not too plain. Throw it in your basket, okay?


Need I say more? Trader Joe’s by far has the best coffee ice cream, like ever. Put that in between a brownie crisp. Ok, I can die a happy woman. These small sandwiches are yum on another level. I’ve had their coffee ice cream mud pie, but this exceeds that. They come in a pack of 4, so if you want to share make sure you buy a few boxes to last the week. You’re welcome.


Justin and I love these bad boys. Sometimes we don’t have time to make a full on breakfast and that is totally okay. That’s when these fellas get called from the bench to make their debut. Honestly, sometimes we just make these all gourmet when we do have the time cause they’re so good. Toast these babies with some of the Trader Joe’s agave maple syrup, oh my. (Syrup not pictured, sooo sorry!)


I will not buy Cheerios again. That is all I will say about this item.


If you have been following my Instagram for a while, you know all about my own little skinny tea. I drank it a ton before my wedding and I hadn’t even worked out three months prior to my wedding because I was so busy. With the help of my little tea concoction I didn’t feel like I needed to tbh. I love this tea.

But for my detox tea all I did was add a half of a lemons juice into my tea everyone morning and night.


Yeah, Trader Joe’s has things that are great other than food items. This face scrub changed my skin care game. It smells so fruity and delicious. And the best part about it is that it cost about $5. RIGHT?! Exfoliating is important for everyone. This is totally worth the splurge 😉


SO FLIPPING GOOD. Slab some butter on a slice of toasted cinnamon raisin bread and we’re in business. Obviously you have to be a raisin person. Way better than any other raisin bread I’ve had.


I am a soup connoisseur and it’s so hard to find good wonton soup to take to work and throw in the microwave on my lunch. And sometimes I just don’t feel like driving to my favorite Chinese restaurant for some good wonton soup. Thank goodness the guy at Trader Joe’s recommended this because I’ve had some pretty gross microwaveable wonton soup so I wasn’t going to try it. He swore by it. And now I’m swearing by it.


Salted caramel hot cocoa is the perfect combo of salty and sweet. If you’ve had a salted caramel mocha before then you know it’s amazing. I was pretty blown away with how satisfying this was. I mean, usually when you make drinks at home they don’t come out nearly as good as the original version. This is now what I’ll compare all salted caramel cocoa’s to.

Those are my Trader Joe’s necessities and my favorite items!

I’m sorry Cookie Butter isn’t on my list, I am 1/10000 people who doesn’t like it. Something is wrong with me right?

Anyways, happy shopping!


Tish’s Turkey Tacos

My older sister has this recipe for turkey tacos that will blow your mind. I was barely taught this recipe since my sis knows I’m on the struggle bus right now being a new wife and all. Trial and error y’all. But seriously, these are the best tacos ever and they’re super quick and inexpensive. I’m all about those three things when it comes to cooking; tasty, quick to make, inexpensive.

So I thought I’d share it with you because who doesn’t love some good tacos, right?

My husband just left for spring training so I was able to make them with my sis, alone in case of failure. Thank goodness, because I’m tired of failing with these recipes Pinterest has me working on and also failing to feed my husband some real food. I’ll get better, I hope! I killed it when making these though and I hope you do too if you try to make these.

This is what you’ll need:

Corn tortillas

1 lb ground turkey

3 Serrano chili’s

Half of a red onion

1 jar of Herdez salsa verde salsa

Shredded cheddar cheese

Handful of cilantro

Garlic powder







Here we go…

(Note, I am no chef!)

First you want to prep your add ins and toppings.

This would be your onion half, Serrano chilies, cilantro, lettuce, tomatoes and avocado.

Once that’s all prepped you’re going to want to season your turkey with some garlic powder, salt, and pepper. This part I didn’t measure out, but it was about 6 shakes of garlic powder, 4 shakes of salt, 4 shakes of pepper. This part is totally up to because like I said, I’m no chef.

Alright so our seasoned ground turkey is now on a pan with some olive oil over a medium flame.

The meat is going to brown after a couple of minutes.

And then you’re going to add your red onion that you chopped up, your cilantro, and your Serrano chilies.

Stir that all up.

Next you’re gonna add the whole jar of salsa verde into the mix.

Let it all cook together, you’ll smell the chili. Yum.

That’s it for the meat part!

So, you’re going to heat up another pan that we will be using for our tortillas. Don’t put anything in the pan. We just want to heat the tortillas up, we’re not adding anything to them.

Once the pan is warm you’re going to grab two tortillas. These two tortillas are bffs now, inseparable. We’re layering the tortillas because if we use just one, it’ll fall apart.

Flip the tortilla (2 tortillas but we’re treating it as 1) after a minute or two on each side. The tortilla should create some bubbles in it, which means it’s ready to go.

So your tortillas are done and your turkey is done.

While the tortilla is still warm, start serving.

Place your turkey mix on your tortilla.

Add the cheddar cheese right away so it melts easily because everything is hot.

Then all the fixings you prefer on your tacos.

I suggest going all out for the best taste.

And wallah!! Tish’s turkey tacos,


Newport Lemonade 🍋

It’s the weekend, I’m sure I’m not the only who needs a drink. It’s been a loooong week, right? So, I thought I’d share my current favorite cocktail with you. This drink is from Woodranch, so I cannot take any credit for all the greatness I’m about to share with you.

This drink is refreshing and simple. Don’t get carried away though because it is really easy to do since these drinks are so yummy (speaking from experience). This is a glass of the most perfect adult lemonade.

So here it is:

2 oz Kettle One

1.5 oz lemon juice (preferably freshly squeezed and I add more than called for cause I like it tart)

1.5 oz simple syrup

6 mint leaves

8 cucumber slices

(Easiest ingredients to work with! I’m not bartender by any means.)

Let me know if you try this concoction and you like it!


Champagne and Influencers

Ladies!!! Let’s begin with this: Stop letting fear hold you back. Once we break through, there’s a world full of opportunities and experiences that we are able to indulge in when we stop letting fear restrain us.

I know I was so afraid to start this blog because there are SO many successful, amazing, talented bloggers who just have it all together already. Like c’mon, these people literally live to take cute pictures and post it to their Instagram. Actual goals. I didn’t want to start from the bottom because when I compared myself to the people who already broke through, I didn’t stand a chance. At first I didn’t see it as fear, I just knew something was restricting me. I didn’t think there was room for me on the internet, but truth be told, we’re in a time where the amount of room is endless because the internet is an infinite space. There’s always room because we all have something unique to bring to the table.

I am so glad I took a shot and allowed myself to blog.

This past Sunday I attended an event hosted by Bumble Bizz and Bloggerswhobrunch. One of my sweet #girlboss girlfriends gave me a heads up about this event. I didn’t know what to expect so I brought along two of my best friends, that way if it was completely awful I wouldn’t be alone. But it ended up being the total opposite of awful.

It was held in Los Angeles, California. We were lucky enough to be able to attend this event at The Grove, which is an outdoor shopping mall filled with mostly high end stores. There was a small grass area in the middle of The Grove that was roped off for the event. There was a bar with complimentary prosecco 🤤, as well as a couple other drinks that had names that referenced Bumble. How freaking cute, right? Anyways, there were some tasty little appetizers as well. What better way to win a bloggers heart; Prosecco and finger foods. The companies who constructed the event gave away so many adorable goodies. I came home with a bag from Bumble, a yellow Bumble champagne flute, a new popsocket, bright yellow pens, a queen bee pin and so much more. They had these dainty photo booths set up because we all know girls love taking pictures. It was all charming.

Ok, but let’s get to the real stuff. Yeah, that wasn’t even the best part, (I know what the heck). The women I met at this gathering, THE WOMEN, I gotta give it to them. I met the most inspiring and helpful ladies ever. We met a handful of ladies who we conversed with. We learned about what brought us each to the event and what we did and where we wanted to be. So not only was it overwhelming (in a good way) to be surrounded by people who were eager to be successful in the same niche as me, but it was so helpful to hear what they’ve learned. Some of the conversations I had were exactly what I never knew I was looking for. These ladies and I all believed in each other and you can tell it was genuine. They gassed me up for my future posts and what I plan to do with my blog. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something like that?

In those moments of encouragement and wisdom, all my anxiety about blogging went away. These people who may or may not be where they want to be were selfless enough to share their tips and tricks to getting better with one another even if they weren’t “there” yet either. THERE IS ROOM FOR EVERYONE and if there isn’t…well then I know we’re going to make some room so that there is.

This event made me feel so comfortable with what I’m doing and where I aim to take this.

And I started off speaking about fear because if it wasn’t for me breaking through and letting go of my tiny fears then I wouldn’t have experienced this lovely afternoon with brilliant women. I shook my doubts about going to this event and I learned so much more and I left that brunch feeling inspired to keep going. I want to put whatever content out here that I find useful or interesting. But most importantly, the time spent with those influencers made me happy. I am genuinely glad that I chose to start this new creative outlet and I’m genuinely glad that the people who do it also find bliss in what we are doing. I am happy because I found something where I feel like I have a space to grow and learn without boundaries. I can see myself doing this, I can see myself being a part of this community. And just like that, it happens. Girl boss mindset on.

If you are letting doubt hold you back from what ever it is, don’t! There is much more to gain than what we think we can lose. We all start somewhere and even if we don’t become success stories, we can say we gave it a chance. However you can apply this to your life, I hope it helps motivate you. If you’re a blogger I hope you get involved with any event that pertains to you. Give @bumblebizz and @bloggerswhobrunch a follow.


From one coffee connoisseur to another.

I don’t know about y’all but I live for good coffee and I’m not talking about Starbucks. I am not going to lie, Starbucks is my go-to shop when I’m running late or none of my other favorite coffee shops are nearby.

Anyways, one thing my friends and I, as well as my husband and I, enjoy doing is finding some good coffee spots. Sometimes we search for a good vibe with some nice picture ops and other times we are in search for a unique latte flavor that we haven’t tried yet. Wherever we go, for whatever reason, they’re only on this list if they have good coffee.

So here’s my current list of coffee spots you have to try if you are ever in the area.


(Don’t worry, I will begin traveling with my husband in a few weeks for baseball and I’ll keep track of all the coffee shops I try in whatever state we’re in.)

1. Rad Coffee, Upland CA

Rad coffee hasn’t been around for long, although it has made a good name for itself. This shop is unique because they’re a punk rock coffee shop that has a display of rock band posters and some cool skateboards on the wall. The drinks are the most unique creations I’ve seen thus far and the best part about the drinks is that not only are they cool looking, but they’re good. You’ve probably seen these drinks on some foodie video on Facebook by now. The most recognized drinks have colored whipped cream and cereal/cookie toppings. I’m not really into sweet blended drinks though, but thankfully Rad coffee has good coffee all around. My husband gets the cold brew coffee with nothing in it and man can you taste the quality in that cup, (speaking of the cup, they have these cool logos that are insta worthy). I personally prefer their cold brew chocolate milk. There is nothing like it. The shop is a perfect representation of the couple who owns the shop. If you haven’t tried Rad yet then you’re missing out.

2. The Dirty Penguin, Chino Hills CA

Like I said, my friends and I try to find all the cute shops with nice photo ops. The Dirty Penguin is a small shop with a really hip aesthetic. The walls are white and the decor is pink and green. Perfect right? It’s a nice spot to chit chat with a friend or even work on your laptop. The people who work their are extremely friendly and love coffee. I can dig it when I don’t know what I want to order but the barista suggests something that goes beyond my expectations. The vibe at The Dirty Penguin is hip and the coffee is amazing. I love me a smooth cup of iced coffee and getting some cute pictures 😉

3. Dripp, Chino Hills CA

Dripp coffee is the coolest spot. Their coffee is great and they offer ice cream sandwiches that you can create yourself (winning). This place is very hipster to me, which is great. There’s a lot of seating and the place itself has more of a hardware/rustic feel to it. Wood benches, string lights, these really unique seats that almost remind me on a bike seat. The lattes are full of flavor and you can taste the rich espresso in them. The iced americanos are amazing and I’m not even much of an americano drinker. I’ve tried their tea, lattes, iced coffees, and ice creams and nothing has failed me yet. It’s also a very ideal place for a coffee date. Everyone loves coffee dates! At least everyone I know does.

4. Mantra Coffee, Azusa CA

Another little gem I recently stumbled upon thanks to my photographer (@eddieandhiscamera). I used to attend a college down the street for Mantra Coffee and saw it multiple times but never gave it a chance. My photographer asked to shoot with me in Azusa because he had this cool spot. Man, this spot is sweet. Just as almost all these shops, the baristas were super friendly and the coffee was great. I tried their latte with nothing in it and it blew me away. Of course, they use amazing beans for espresso which is all you really need along with a good barista. They had so many sitting areas, it’s the perfect place to study without being library quite. They had chic decor and a lot of plants outside. The coffee shop is like a tiny house, I fell in love. It’s kind of stretch from where I live but totally worth the drive.

5. Cactus Coffee, La Verne CA

Y’all, I cannot believe I went so long without hearing about this spot. From what I saw on Yelp and Instagram, Cactus Coffee has only been around for a little over a year, which a year too late for me to hear about it. It is located on D Street in La Verne, right across the street from ULV. The little downtown area reminds me of a smaller version of Downtown Claremont. The area is perfect for this shop; it’s quite, homey and absolutely adorable. We were instantly greeted by one of the baristas and we felt so welcomed when we walked in. The barista recommended their best latte which happened to be seasonal for Valentine’s Day and I believe it’s called the “heart throb,” which is a mixture of white chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon. Like I said before, I’m not much of a syrup latte kind of girl. I go towards the simple drinks like iced coffee with soy or a latte with nothing in it. But man, that heart throb drink was amazing. If you get the chance head down to Cactus Coffee ASAP and try it. Plus, the shop has the cutest cacti decor and lots of plants outside. I cannot wait to go back and keep trying their delish menu.

Oh and a cute little neon sign I live for.

6. Mi Cafecito, Pomona CA

This little spot right outside the arts district in Pomona awaits some of the greatest coffee. Mi Cafecito has a Latin vibe to it with their pottery and hand painted tiles, along with their Latin flavored drinks. This place carries a lot of culture in their decor and I love it. I haven’t been in to the shop for a while but I remember my cup having a warm cinnamon filled latte in it. If you like horchata and Mexican hot chocolate then you’ll love this place cause they put those flavors in a coffee. The coffee shop is small so it isn’t anywhere I’d ideally like to study, but that doesn’t stop me from getting coffee from there. I’m surprised more people in my area don’t talk about this place. Thankfully one of my friends introduced me to this spot because I’d be missing out if she wouldn’t have. Oh! They also have some super yum pastries 😋 can’t forget that detail.

7. Paradis, Claremont CA

Ok, this is an ice cream shop that happens to sell some really great coffee. I found this place on instagram because they have this really cool machine that can put almost any design on your hot latte. The owner was super sweet and even attempted his first design on an iced latte for my BFF and it worked! I guess there’s an app you can download and you’re able to upload a design to the app and the machine is able to copy that image to your latte! How cool right? Another insta worthy spot. This place probably has amazing ice cream. I chose coffee over ice cream the day I went so I can’t tell you how the ice cream really is, but maybe one of you can test it out for me and tell me how it is! Paradis has a bunch of fun games that you’re able to play around with. I couldn’t leave the Jenga game alone. Anyways, owner was awesome, coffee was superb, and I want to try the ice cream! Another one of my fave spots.

8. The Pie Hole, Rancho Cucamonga CA

Pie and coffee, what better duo. I know this blog is about coffee, but the pie 🤯 was unreal. And the coffee that went with it was perfect. The Pie Hole serves beer, pie, coffee and wine. Can a place sound any more like heaven? Their variety of items offered are excellent, especially for coffee. They aren’t necessarily a coffee shop but they do take pride in their coffee and they know what they’re doing. They have nitro cold brew, cold brew, ice coffee, americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, they have it all. My BFF tagged along with me to try this spot and she got an iced mocha. The iced mocha was killer, so rich and smooth. The staff was awesome and so nice. They were real pumped when they knew we were satisfied customers, that’s the kind of place I like. If anyone’s going to try this place, take me with you. Oh yeah, and it’s conveniently located in Victoria Gardens.

That’s it! That was the list of my local faves. If I could name all of my fave coffee spots this blog would never end and it would name coffee shops from Cleveland to Mexico. As I stated earlier, I will keep creating new blogs for every state we move to if their coffee can compare to these places.

Let me know if you’ve found any other really good ones in my area or if there are any I need to try when we head out to Spring Training in Arizona in a couple of weeks!

Cheers ☕️