Trader Joe’s Staples

We all have that store that we cannot live without and we don’t know who we would be or what we would do without it, right? Or is it just me? Probably just me.

Trader Joe’s has literally been MY STORE for the last six months. I kind of go crazy when I do any type of shopping, but Trader Joe’s limits me in a good way. They have things I absolutely need and some things I could do without but I can get away with.

So, I decided a few months back that I would do my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s because for the most part they have everything I need and I’m totally obsessed. Oh yeah, and it is not as expensive as normal grocery stores from what I’ve experienced.

As I have routinely been visiting Trader Joe’s, I have found some items that I have become truly fond of and I want to share them with you. You may or may not be a Trader Joe’s person, but I promise if you’re not, you will be because you’re bound to become utterly obsessed with one of these products if not all.

These are some items I always pick up when I hit Trader Joe’s:

Let’s start off with the flowers.

It’s the first thing you see when you walk into TJ’s. I try to pick up some eucalyptus or fresh flowers when I stop in because,

1. They’re gorgeous

2. They’re super inexpensive. They range from $3-$11!

The flowers aren’t huge bouquets or anything fancy, but they are simple and are my favorite way to liven up a room. Eucalyptus is like my thing right now and I never feel guilty buying it because it’s only $3!

Ok, probs my favorite item that exists, GONE BANANAS.

These chocolate covered frozen banana slices that are a true guilty pleasure. I mean, they’re bananas so they can’t be that bad if I eat a whole box while watching Netflix, right? But really, I have gotten everyone addicted to these things. My roommate loves them, my cousins, my best friends, and even my husband. He hadn’t had one before and I gave them to him one night and he kept asking for more, lol. Give them a try, they’re delicious.


My husband and I are all about those Japanese Steak Houses. The salads they have at literally all of them are bomb. And I have tried so many different brands of ginger dressing to mock those salads at home and nothing has come close. But, I found this gem and it is a game changer. The taste def isn’t for everyone, but if it is something you like then pick this up soon.


Ya’ll have never had trail mix if you haven’t had Trek Mix. Honestly, even after eating trail mix I feel guilty about it. But these, these are too good to feel bad about. Trader Joe’s used to carry trail mix with mini peanut butter cups in them instead of pieces of regular chocolate, but sadly they discontinued those for whatever crazy reason (I’m real upset still). Thank goodness these ones are super comparable, minus the peanut butter cups. The nuts in this mix are of such good quality and the chocolate, oh man. Good stuff.


You def have to be a lover of tart flavored things. This juiiiiiiice is amazing. It isn’t too sweet, like at all, and it’s not too plain. Throw it in your basket, okay?


Need I say more? Trader Joe’s by far has the best coffee ice cream, like ever. Put that in between a brownie crisp. Ok, I can die a happy woman. These small sandwiches are yum on another level. I’ve had their coffee ice cream mud pie, but this exceeds that. They come in a pack of 4, so if you want to share make sure you buy a few boxes to last the week. You’re welcome.


Justin and I love these bad boys. Sometimes we don’t have time to make a full on breakfast and that is totally okay. That’s when these fellas get called from the bench to make their debut. Honestly, sometimes we just make these all gourmet when we do have the time cause they’re so good. Toast these babies with some of the Trader Joe’s agave maple syrup, oh my. (Syrup not pictured, sooo sorry!)


I will not buy Cheerios again. That is all I will say about this item.


If you have been following my Instagram for a while, you know all about my own little skinny tea. I drank it a ton before my wedding and I hadn’t even worked out three months prior to my wedding because I was so busy. With the help of my little tea concoction I didn’t feel like I needed to tbh. I love this tea.

But for my detox tea all I did was add a half of a lemons juice into my tea everyone morning and night.


Yeah, Trader Joe’s has things that are great other than food items. This face scrub changed my skin care game. It smells so fruity and delicious. And the best part about it is that it cost about $5. RIGHT?! Exfoliating is important for everyone. This is totally worth the splurge 😉


SO FLIPPING GOOD. Slab some butter on a slice of toasted cinnamon raisin bread and we’re in business. Obviously you have to be a raisin person. Way better than any other raisin bread I’ve had.


I am a soup connoisseur and it’s so hard to find good wonton soup to take to work and throw in the microwave on my lunch. And sometimes I just don’t feel like driving to my favorite Chinese restaurant for some good wonton soup. Thank goodness the guy at Trader Joe’s recommended this because I’ve had some pretty gross microwaveable wonton soup so I wasn’t going to try it. He swore by it. And now I’m swearing by it.


Salted caramel hot cocoa is the perfect combo of salty and sweet. If you’ve had a salted caramel mocha before then you know it’s amazing. I was pretty blown away with how satisfying this was. I mean, usually when you make drinks at home they don’t come out nearly as good as the original version. This is now what I’ll compare all salted caramel cocoa’s to.

Those are my Trader Joe’s necessities and my favorite items!

I’m sorry Cookie Butter isn’t on my list, I am 1/10000 people who doesn’t like it. Something is wrong with me right?

Anyways, happy shopping!