My First Season Traveling With My Husband (baseball)

This baseball season was my first season traveling with Justin. It was unreal. I don’t even know where to begin. I had never traveled with him for the whole season before. I usually just took trips during season to see him for a weekend or so when we were dating and when we were engaged. I wish I would’ve done it sooner because I didn’t know what I was missing out on.

The reason I didn’t travel before was because we weren’t married and we were both pretty traditional still in the sense of the idea of not living together before marriage. But that’s just us! So when we got married in January I was still on the fence about traveling with him because of, well a lot of things. I would 1. Be leaving to the world of the unknown 2. I had a great job that I LOVED 3. Moving meant I’d be SO far from my friends and family.

After weighing out the pros and cons on me traveling with him we decided that traveling with him would be the best thing for us and our marriage (especially since we were newly married!).  Like I said, we have never lived together before so this would give us the “real” feel of marriage and being together all the time. You know, yelling at him for never remembering to put the toilet seat down. Or him getting mad at me for all the hair strands left around the house because of me. The fun stuff 😉 I wasn’t ready to have a marriage that was based on FT dates and texts because I was tired of distance and I couldn’t do it anymore after dating through distance. Some women do distance through dating and marriage and I am amazed by those gals because it’s HARD to be apart from each other. So kudos to those strong women.

Of course I was judged for any decision I made regarding traveling with him or not. Whether it was me being “foolish to leave the comfortable job I was at to follow my husband around playing baseball.” And then there were the people who said, I’m “foolish for letting him leave for 6 months out of the year without following him like a wife should.” I heard it ALL. But the deciding factor wasn’t about anyone else. It was about us and what we wanted. He wanted me to go and I knew I had to do what was right for us, not just me.

It was one of the best experiences we’ve ever shared together. Seeing new places and living on our own was amazing, especially on the other side of the country. Baseball brings some pretty great experiences, so it was nice to be there for all the fun places baseball took us and of course to be able to see him do what he loves to do every single day. The ballpark began to feel like more of a home than my apartment did, and it was in a good way. It was a totally different lifestyle than I was used to and I loved every bit of it, for the most part.

When I say, for the most part, I say it to be transparent. As some of you may know, when you travel with your guy there are still some times where you can’t travel with them. I would stay behind for a few road trips that were too far to drive or when we couldn’t afford the hotel stay since he has to pay for our room if I go but if I don’t go he is able to room with another guy for free on the road. So, those trips I would stay back for became REALLY lonely for me. Like really lonely. I wrote a post about how my first few weeks went and it was one of the most challenging times for me being a part of this baseball life. I wasn’t quite ready to be independent enough to roam the streets of a new town with confidence. My anxiety was the worst it had ever been. I was away from everyone in a town I wasn’t too familiar with. It was hard to adjust to (I never adjusted to that honestly.) but it was worth being with him 3/4 of the month most months. We do what we can for our guys to support them and to be able to enjoy this ride with them.

Luckily, I met some of the greatest people this season. Some of the girls I met became my bffs. There was one host family that I became particularly close with. They ended up being my family for the summer and made me feel right at home with their true southern hospitality. I don’t know what I would’ve done without the friends I made and the families I met. That is another reason I’m thankful I traveled this year since usually I didn’t get the opportunity to make good friends or become acquainted with people well enough in the two weekends I would go see Justin before I traveled with him. I’m so lucky that baseball allowed me to cross paths with some genuine people who are so sweet. But that is just another perk of the baseball life that weighs out the not so great parts we come across.

Overall, we were both so happy with the decision we made for me to travel. It was the absolute best thing for us. I’ve never been as close to my husband as I am now. I was able to be there to comfort him on his bad days and to celebrate with him on his good days. We learned so much more about each other since we had more time together than just the usual 6 months the off season allows. We didn’t have as many distractions like we normally do when we’re home. We didn’t have to worry about other people since we were away from everyone. It was a great thing for our marriage and I’m so glad we made the decision together to do so. This has definitely been one of my favorite summers, ever.

So, cheers to my first entire season traveling in the books! And cheers to the seasons to come!

Tulum, Mexico

Oh, Tulum. I don’t even know where to begin with this gorgeous town. I feel like Tulum needs to be talked about way more often. Justin and I found Tulum when searching for honeymoon destinations that weren’t 8k a week (it’s harder than it sounds). I tried to ask a lot of people who are familiar with Mexico about Tulum and half the people I asked had never heard of the place and the other half knew faintly about it. Anyways, I did my research and decided to take a leap of faith and book our honeymoon there and I’m soooo extremely glad that we did end up there. It was the most perfect honeymoon from beginning to end.

We flew into Cancun from Los Angeles, which was about 5.5 hours of fly time, not bad. Tulum is roughly an hour and a half south of Cancun. So traveling took an entire day. Like I said, I did my research especially since we kept being told that Mexico wasn’t safe (I think depends on the location, not all of Mexico is unsafe). We didn’t want to take a taxi from the airport so we booked our transportation through a company called Happy Shuttle Cancun. The company shuttled us to and from the airport in Cancun for only 150 USD. I say only because an Uber somewhere an hour and a half away would probably cost just as much one way but the company charged $150 to pick us up from the airport and take us back at the end of our trip as well. Anyways, they’re great and look into the company if you plan on visiting Cancun or Tulum!

So the hotel…it was breathtaking. We stayed at a hotel called Diamanté K. It wasn’t a resort which was fine because it was quite and unique. We were right on the beach in a little bungalow (hella romantic, right?). Anyways, place was right on the beach and was in a great location in Tulum because there’s two parts to the town. There’s this hotel strip/zone where all the hotels and restaurants are and everything on this strip is chic and hippie at the same time. This is where you find all the cool bars on the beach that have those swing chairs that you’d see on Instagram if you searched for Tulum. We spent time at this beach bar called CocoTulum and they had the best views and chillest vibes ever. It was pricier than other places because of how cool it was. I kept telling Justin I felt like so LA, like really I can’t even believe we were in Mexico when we were at certain places. There are yoga spots everywhere! I wish I was a yogi because they had a yoga class on every corner, they’re all about that cool stuff out there (LA vibes man). So for the most part we were chillin, there are absolutely no worries in Tulum. I didn’t wear makeup the entire time (I wasn’t the only one either, winning).

So yeah, the hotel zone was where we spent most of our time if we weren’t drinking pìna coladas or micheladas on the beach. Side note: the micheladas were omg crazy good. They don’t use Clamato but they were 👍🏼 Justin loved them and he hates micheladas. Mexico is doing it right y’all. Anyways, the strip is a few miles long and most people ride bikes because it’s cheap and nice to cruise through. And then there’s another part of Tulum that’s more city like. The town is where you’ll find the best food for super cheap. And beer….cheap beer. It was great, but it’s further away from the hotel zone so we didn’t go into the town often. The town definitely isn’t as cute as the hotel zone but like I said, cheap food and beer. And it was nice seeing the people who live there go about their daily lives compared to the hotel zone where everyone is a tourist. There’s some good food spots in the town too that are modern, we went to a burger place that was like Umami burger and then there was a cute yogurt place called Prieto. The owner of Prieto was nice and the environment was welcoming and there were some great photo ops there lol. So the town has some culture and character and it’s also pretty cute if you find the right spots.

While we weren’t drinking, eating, or chillin on a hammock, we were exploring. You guys…..we went to a Cenote!!! An absolute must when in Tulum. We kept seeing stuff about cenotes on Pinterest or other blogs as we tried to familiarize ourselves with the town so we knew they were something we for sure had to do while being there. Cenotes are pretty much underwater caves and Mexico has a whole bunch of them! We didn’t go until the day before our honeymoon ended, partly because we were enjoying being beach bums and partly because we were a little afraid, I don’t know why. We went to a cenote called the Gran Cenote. Originally we were supposed to go to this really big cenote with a bunch of other ones connected or near but it was like 30 miles away and our pesos were running a little low. So we opted to one that was only 10 min and it was perfect. It was a smaller cenote but it was great to start off with since they’re a little frightening, or at least to us they were. I haaaate swimming in water when I don’t know what’s around me or when I can’t see…but the cenotes are so clear that you can see every fish around you and that also freaks me out. I guess I’m hard to please 😂 But the water was so refreshing and wasn’t very cold. You def need to rent some goggles! Also bring a go pro or lifeproof phone case. We didn’t and it was a big mistake because there would have been so many cool pictures we could’ve had.

I could go on and on about how fun and pretty this place was. But one thing I can’t forget to mention is the people of Tulum because they were so very kind. They knew a lot of English so it made it a lot easier for us since we hardly know any Spanish. And it made us feel safe since we knew what was going on all the time. We embarrassed ourselves trying to show off the lick of Spanish that we do know, and when I say we…I really mean me, lol. But thankfully the people were nice everywhere we went in Tulum. Every taxi driver or server was so sweet, it really made our trip greater than we imagined it would be. Kind of jealous that they get to call Tulum home.

You’ll find the street filled with art. Whether it be on the walls or in the jewelry they made, it was all gorgeous. So basically Tulum is amazing, it’s gorgeous, it’s affordable, it’s modern in its own way. I know most of the hotels are eco hotels which was also pretty cool to change up the way we vacationed. We’re used to fancy hotels and excessive things that aren’t always necessary, but it was def different. For example our hotel had shared restrooms where you would shower and use the restroom in a common area with other hotel guests and I believe most of the hotels are eco hotels in Tulum. The resorts that we did see were way far from everything. But anyways, we weren’t ready for that kind of eco friendly environment yet so we payed extra to have a restroom in our room. The windows in the restroom didn’t have glass or anything just pillars which allowed anything smaller than a pineapple full access to our room (bugs…yikes), but like I said it was all part of the experience and we loved it and no we didn’t find many spiders or bugs in our room even though we assumed we would because of the nature of the hotel. Different, but nothing short of great.

The art, people, food, ocean and everything else Tulum consists of were amazing and I’d recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Justin and I kept saying, “my sister would love it here’ my friend xyz would love this place’ so and so would love it here,” and truth is everyone can find a reason or thirty reasons to adore Tulum and all it’s beauty. If you do plan on visiting this gem here are some tips: bring bug spray, wear a lot of sunblock, stay hydrated, don’t drink the water unless it’s bottled, bring a lot of small bills to tip (usd), take more money than you think you need because the exchange fee will get ya and the atms charge almost $40 to withdraw money, stay as long as you can cause the view doesn’t get old, rent bikes, pack lightly because you’re gonna end up dressing way more relaxed than you think. If you have any questions in case I missed something you were looking for feel free to ask. And yes, Tulum was very safe! Until next time…cheers!