Perspective Shift (Cate Dimmitt)

Recently I have been stuck in a personal pity party. I couldn’t shake the whoa is me attitude and needed a refresher in my outlook on life. I knew just the place to go… Soul Cycle.

Soul Cycle is a spin class that is so much more than cardio. It awakens your mind, body, and soul. It leaves you feeling like the boss babe that you are. While the classes are a great workout with fun music, the instructors are people that feel like your personal therapists. My favorite instructor, Dani, is always reminding her class, “Whatever it is; it is already ok.” So when I needed a pick me up, I knew I needed Dani’s spin class.

However, going into the last song of the ride, I was disappointed. I hadn’t felt any epiphany come over my body that made me feel any better with my outlook on life. Then it happened. Dani told us to close our eyes and look within. When I did, I immediately saw 14 year old me. A sophomore in high school, in my cheer uniform, with a beautiful post-braces smile.

Lately I have felt not worthy, not good enough, like a disappointment to myself and others. I have not been as on top of my blog, I have been critical of myself at work, and I have been struggling to find the time for my own self care. However, when I saw this 14 year old version of me, she was SO proud of the woman I have become. 14 year old me never could have dreamed of the person I am right now.

When I stepped back and looked at who I am today with the eyes of who I used to be, I was astounded. On a day to day basis I feel like I fall short. I don’t get my to do list crossed off, I disappoint a friend, I don’t make it to the gym. But when I look at the big picture of who I am today, I am really proud. I have a career I love, a blog that I am passionate about, an incredibly supportive boyfriend, family, and friends.

I guess sometimes all you need is a perspective shift. When you look at yourself from an outside perspective, what you see is actually reality. And whatever it is, it is already ok.

-Cate Dimmitt


My Favorite Wines Under $10

I can’t believe there are people out there who don’t like wine. Those people are the ones just as crazy as the ones who don’t like coffee.

Totally kidding. But I don’t understand it.

If you have a palate that appreciates wine, this post is for you.

In this baseball life we don’t live as lavish of a life as we do back at home. Which means we have to cut corners where we can to make ends meet. Justin and I thought about cutting down our wine consumption to save money since the bottles add up pretty quick when you think about it (2 good bottles a week is $25+ a week x 4 weeks = can’t be spending that much on wine). We were crazy for thinking of drinking less wine and I say that in the least alcoholic sounding way. We just really enjoy wine after a long day, which a lot of days are here. So we opted to buying cheaper wine.

Us being wine drinkers, we weren’t too fond of cheap wine. Until we found the good ones. Not all expensive wine is good and not all good wine is expensive. We started trying different wines from different stores, like Target, Trader Joes, Aldi and Kroger. I found a few good ones that I thought I would share with y’all since you probably like wine as much as me. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the taste of the wine because I can go on and on, so we’re going to keep it simple and list it out. Also, we only drink Cabernets and Pinot Noir, so as for the other types of wine each brand sells, we are not including those! These are our favorite red wines under $10…

Josh $9.99

Ok, this has to be one of Justin and I’s favorite wines. The price ranges from $17-$9 depending on where you go. We have found it cheapest at Trader Joes for $9.99, which means IT MADE THE CUT.

Casillero Del Diablo $9.99

Robert Mondavi $8.99

Dark Horse $7.88

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi $10.99

I know its .99 more than the cut off, but this bottle is HUGE. So I figured we’d make an exception. It definitely has more than 6 glasses in it, where as a normal bottle contains 4 glasses.

California Roots $5.00

(Target wine, so good!)

Charles Shaw $2.99

(Trader Joes 2 buck chuck wine)

Winking Owl $2.89

(Aldi 2 buck chuck wine)

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We all know Mom is the queen and deserves the absolute world. I don’t know about you but I can’t always afford to give Mom the world. What I do know is that it’s always the thought that counts (so cheesy). But it’s true. I’ve picked out a few gifts that won’t break the bank and you can pick up last minute since Mother’s Day is a week away! So, here are some things I know my mom would love and hopefully your Mom would love one of these items too!


Let’s start off with the simple things. My mom is in love with candles (I’m the same way!) and we are always in Bath and Body Works when there’s a sale stocking up on candles. I saw this special edition “Mom” candle and I knew it was a perfect find. It makes the simple candle way more meaningful and of course, my mom loves candles regardless so it’s a total win. Bath and Body Works “BEST.MOM.EVER. Candle” $24.50 (try to catch it on sale or use for coupons!)

Coffee and Wine Wall Storage DecorOk, I might just buy this for myself! How cute is this coffee mug/wine glass holder? My mom loves decorating her house with cute little pieces like this. She would swoon over this since she loves her coffee and she loves her wine. This is a simple gift that lasts forever!I found it at Francesca’s. Francesca’s Coffee & Wine Wall Storage $60

Farmgirl FlowersWho doesn’t love flowers?! Especially Farmgirl Flowers. They are so unique and vibrant. They’re a little pricey for not being roses, but they’re absolutely gorgeous. I’m definitely sending my mom these. They come in a cute box but inside is a large arrangement that’s rustic yet chic. I’ve seen these flowers all over the Internet and I know it’s a clear sign to send my mom some. There are many different types of arrangements to choose from so the prices vary. Farmgirl Flowers $48+

BECCA x Chrissy Teigen Palette

If your Mom is anything like mine, she’s glamorous and would love new makeup. My mom was always stealing my makeup when I was back at home in California. I saw this and thought it would be the perfect gift. I’ve been wanting this palette for some time now, but might as well gift it to mama. You get blushes, bronzer, and a pinky highlight. Gorgeous yet subtle. My mama is def getting this as part of her gift this year. Find it at Sephora.

BECCA x Chrissy Teigen $46

Photo CanvasCanvas photos are all the rage these days. My mom has been talking about them since my wedding photos were given to us. Looking into them, I realized that these are way cuter than basic frames with photos. Of course, I love framed pictures. For a gift, I believe these are gorgeous to give and to receive. I found different layouts on You can add notes to the canvas between photos or leave it plain with just pictures. There is a lot of room for creativity and Mom would love this! Add some pictures of your parents, siblings, and close family friends.

Barefoot Dreams RobeRobes! My mom is always snuggled up in a robe when she’s home. If you haven’t felt any Barefoot Dreams products yet, head to your nearest Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack ASAP. The fabric they use is super buttery and cozy. It’s beyond a basic robe. The price is totally worth it, especially for Mom. If your Mom isn’t into robes, they sell blankets that are made of the same material. Totally living for this robe and all of their other products.

Nordstrom Barefoot Dreams Robe $99

Essential Oil Diffuser and Essential OilsLike I said, my mom loves candles. She has not yet tried an oil diffuser and I think it’s right up her alley. Everyone loves these hot new items. I leave mine on all the time. You can find an assortment of these diffusers on Amazon or even at Tj Maxx. They sell them everywhere. You can add scents to help with certain things: I use eucalyptus and lavender to help with my anxiety. You can make little oil concoctions to fight allergies and so many other things. But even if you don’t need to focus on anything, they make the room they’re in smell amazing and they’re way safer than leaving a candle on. You can also choose different woods or colors to get the diffuser in so it matches your mamas house. These are both from amazon.

Oil Diffuser $30.99 (prices vary depending on which size/brand)

Essential Oils $10.99-$30+

Mom MugTold y’all my mom loves mugs. So, if you end up buying your Mom that coffee and wine wall storage, pick a cute mug to go with it. Orrrr, just buy her a mug with a Starbucks gift card. Gifts don’t have to be extremely costly. Moms appreciate anything!

Francesca’s Mom Mug $16

Don’t forget the card 😉 and don’t forget to thank your mama for the life she gave you!

5 Things I Was Loving In April

Hi y’all! I only do favorite’s posts when I genuinely feel the need to share some good products and/or items. Most of these things aren’t necessarily “new,” but I was very fond of them in April once I came across them. My focus for the month was skincare and self care. April was a good month for me in terms of enjoying almost everything I tried, but I decided picking the best five would be much easier to share with you than the 100 things I enjoyed. These are some products/items that I have made permanent in my makeup routine, skincare routine, in my closet, etc.:

Drunk Elephant The Littles Set 

This set has literally changed my life. Have y’all heard me go a week without talking about Drunk Elephant on my Instagram? NO. I was originally obsessed with the Marula Virgin Facial Oil and then I found myself curiously wandering around Sephora one day. I was intrigued by the rest of the DE line, so I sampled the Babyfacial. HOOKED. Then once again, I found myself being pulled towards the other products. I ended up purchasing The Littles Set because it had their top products at a sweet deal. Now I am obsessed with the entire line. Super dangerous for my bank account y’all. I apply the line of products day and night and I honestly haven’t seen my skin look this good in years, like before-I-knew-what-acne-was years. My skin isn’t as oily, has a lot more glow, and also feels amazing. Also, also, also, it’s super convenient for my travels. I can fit 9 skincare products in my overnight back without taking up hardly any room whatsoever! Def the number one thing I was loving in April.

Girl, Wash Your Face By Rachel Hollis 

This booked was hyped on Instagram by other bloggers and people who are open with their faith. Totally intrigued, I had to purchase it. I wrote a review on this book in my previous blog post because I couldn’t get enough of it. You can see that review here and find out why I loved it so much. But, it is definitely one thing I was happy to come across this past month.

Shea Woman Bath Bombs

We have a pretty decent sized tub in our new apartment which means, lots of baths. I can’t take a bath without bubbles or bath bombs. This past month I was all about bath bombs. I met a woman in another part of Virginia who sold bath bombs at a kiosk in the local mall. Her personality was vibrant and her bath bombs smelled amazing. Total win meeting Mrs Harris. We made conversation and she educated me on all of the benefits of the bath bombs she made and what they were made of. Her husband and her make them themselves, how cute?! Not only was she an absolute doll, these bath bombs were the best ones I have ever used. I bought a handful of different scents and they all left me so relaxed and rejuvenated after every bath. Justin used one and I swear y’all he smelled so good the entire night and following morning (exactly like the bath bomb he used), so I know these bath bombs are no joke!

I’m all about supporting local businesses (although, this might not be local for most of y’all), but you can try one of Mrs Harris’ bath bombs yourself by checking out her website here. She can ship some to you anywhere!

Zella Activewear

When I was browsing around Nordstrom I came across the brand Zella. I am way behind, y’all. I don’t know how I haven’t purchased any of the Zella activewear items before (hand to face emoji). They are so comparable to Lululemon but at a fraction of the cost. I love my Lulu but I think this brand has such good quality items that I wouldn’t mind incorporating more pieces into my closet. I wear my Zella long sleeve top all the time because it is so comfortable. My next purchase is definitely going to be some leggings and maybe something for Justin, lol. If you don’t want to splurge on Lululemon but want something similar, try this brand! LOVE.

Fenty Beauty Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby Highlighter 

OMG. If you’re on the market for a blinding highlighter, look no further. I am obsessed with Rihanna’s highlighters- especially the Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby duo. One is very glittery and the other is more of a subtle champagne, but I like to combine both of them to give me the perfect glow. The two colors that are absolutely perfect. These shades are suitable for almost any skin tone which is hard to come across with highlighters. I feel like I haven’t even made a dent in the highlighter yet and I’ve been using it everyday since I purchased it.

“Girl, Wash Your Face” Review

Rachel Hollis is my spirit animal (not an animal though), maybe my soul sister? Not too sure. I do know that she has a mind very similar to mine and her book confronted every insecurity or struggle that I’ve encountered in my 23 years of life.

Who does that? Who confronts that stuff and makes people feel confident after? But also makes you feel like your their best friend.

Rachel Hollis does y’all. She puts all the things we ALL need to hear right now into words that resonate with readers.

This book has transformed me in the weirdest way. Spiritually and emotionally. After reading this book, I felt refreshed. Reading her book almost made me feel like I just left a therapy session. CRAZY, right?

She mixes faith, unfiltered thoughts, and real life into the perfect words. She begins each chapter with a lie that we often will ourselves because the devil pushes these fears on us. The chapters are short and sweet, but nothing less than powerful. And, she ends each chapter with some tips on how she dealt with that lie. She makes it a point in the book that it is critical that these lies are confronted and fixed. We need to live in truth, loving others and loving ourselves.

Rachel Hollis shares so many real life trials: her traumatic childhood, her struggle with loving people, her struggle with loving herself, living life instead of just getting by, and overall becoming a better woman.

Her willingness to open up to readers with hopes of helping someone through similar trials is remarkable and brave.

I’ve gained a better perspective on issues and I feel like my faith is a bit stronger. I now know that I am in control of my thoughts and I can take my life in whatever direction I choose. I can be the person I strive to be if I believe in myself. And most importantly, by the grace of God.

I’m recommending this book because the spectrum of lessons and humbling experiences Rachel Hollis shares with us leaves the reader with various platforms to connect to. Like truly connect and leave you saying, Hey I think like that, I’ve been through the exact same experience, I struggle with that too. And no it isn’t just about struggle and flaws, it’s about how we can grow from it in an honest way.

You will laugh out loud and you will shed a tear (or sob).

I can read this book over and over again.

I am having a difficult time explaining this book to you without giving it away because I can go on and on about what Rachel Hollis talks about and how it makes me feel. But- I want you to read it. Take my word, this book is phenomenal.

If you haven’t read it yet, get your hands on it quick!

If you have read it, let me know what your take on the book was.


What’s Rocksbox?


Rocksbox has become on of my favorite companies this year. I recently partnered with Rocksbox and I have been promoting them for the past month. There are always a handful of people who get confused with the process of this monthly jewelry service when I post about it on my social media pages. So, I’m here to elaborate because it can be confusing!

Let’s start off by saying, who doesn’t want hand picked jewelry shipped right to your door?


Rocksbox is a company that hires stylists to hand pick pieces of jewelry for the consumer (you). When you first sign up for Rocksbox you take a style quiz so that they can get a good idea of what your style is like and what type of pieces you would swoon over.

They have different brands that they feature like Kate Spade, Kendra Scott, and Sophie Harper. Always, always, always high quality brands and gorgeous pieces.

So, Rocksbox is $21 a month membership service. You are sent three pieces of jewelry to wear as long as you want. If you like this jewelry, you can use your $21 credit towards the pieces. If you just want to rock them for a week or two, you can do that also and then send them back when you’re ready.

$21 seems like a bit of money just to get jewelry sent to your door without even getting to own, right? Well, that is true. But- I think that $21 a month for three pieces you can wear as long as you want is a deal. I know if I have a statement necklace I’m not going to constantly wear it because it is way to memorable to get away with wearing all the time. So, once you’re done having your fun with the pieces you can send them back to Rocksbox in their reusable packaging and their return label that is sent in your monthly box (easy peasy).

The hardest part about Rocksbox is taking your box to the post office when you’re ready for a new one and deciding whether or not to keep all of the pieces they sent you!

If you absolutely love your piece you can use that $21 of credit towards a piece that you want to keep. You might want to buy all of them, like I did.

Remember, you do get a bit of a discount on the jewelry through Rocksbox opposed to buying the same piece inside a department store or from the seller alone. By being a member you also get exclusive discounts on pieces on their website even if they weren’t in your box and also exclusive access to the clearance pieces.

I wanted to share this company with y’all because I am very fond of it and if you’re on the fence about it still, they have allowed me to share a special code with you to try Rocksbox free for one month.

Use code “champagneandacarryonxoxo” at checkout to receive one month free!

Happy shopping!

Should You Start A Blog?

Every week someone questions me about blogging and whether or not it’s a good idea to start one. Sometimes it’s a close friend, a family member, a friend of a family member, someone I went to high school with or just someone who follows my blog. I am always so overwhelmed with the fact that anyone would even come to me seeking advice or help regarding a blog since I am barely becoming comfortable with my own. Although, I am always flattered.

Since I have received so many questions from different people about whether or not they should start a blog I decided to write about it because there are probably a couple of people out there who do have questions but aren’t open to asking or are on the fence about the idea of starting a blog alone.

Been there, sister!

I started my blog a couple of months ago and I was one of the very few people that I personally knew who had one, which is why I’m open to answering questions for people because I didn’t have many people I could talk to about my concerns and obvious questions. Luckily, I have friends who do other things in social media, but no one I knew personally had a blog, which left me clueless a lot of the time. I did a lot of research on my own before starting this blog and I was extremely hesitant to even begin because I was so afraid of failure. If you’ve thought about a blog, this might be or might have been something that kept you back. DON’T LET IT.

BUT SERIOUSLY, now that I’ve been doing it for some time (3 months maybe), I’ve learned a few things that I want to share with people who are interested in blogging.

Being a new blogger I would say that I am very naive when it comes to whether or not it is smart to start a blog, but I always tell people who are interested the same thing, so here it goes:

If you feel like you have a story to tell or something to continuously share with people, do it. I personally wanted to start a blog because I knew that there were so many things that I was going to be doing in the upcoming months that I needed to share with the world. Sometimes I like to share things like skincare products because I’m into that stuff and I personally like seeing recommendations from my favorite influencers, so I share my insights on products with you. Other posts may be about what I am learning as a young, newly wed wife who is new to the baseball life. And sometimes there are little things I like to share because I think it may serve a purpose and help one of my followers/readers. If you’re a great cook, start your cooking blog if you know you have some crazy delicious recipes that people would want to learn. If you are a new mom that thinks she has some cool mom hacks to share with pregnant women or women who are going through the same walk of life that you are, go for it. Maybe you’re someone who travels a lot and you want to start a travel blog, go for it because I know every time I go on a trip I look up other blogs for advice on what to do or not to do when going somewhere, or must stop places, etc. Whatever it may be, if you feel like you have something people would want to read or you have something people could learn from, go for it.

Do it for the right reasons. People still ask me if this is my new job. I wish. I do it because I like to, not because I want to make money. I have made some money off of my blog, but it barely buys me a Chick-fil-A meal. NOTHING CRAY. If this does end up being successful enough for me to not work then I’ll roll with it, but my goal isn’t to make money. My goal is to share my life with y’all because I know a lot of people can relate to my posts, whether it’s baseball related, beauty related, or whatevzzz because I like to. If you’re doing it for the money, you won’t get very far because people will see that through your posts.

Quality over quantity. It is a crazy world once you’re in it. Once I started following other bloggers I realized how much time and effort they put into their blog. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be successful because I didn’t have the time to post pictures every day like others did. I didn’t have content to write about three or four times a week like others did. One of my good friends told me that I should focus on what I write, not how much I write and it really resonated with me. I only write about once a week, and that’s because I can produce one good blog a week. Once a week is my goal. Anything more I’d be writing absolute BS just to have more posts up. Make sure your content serves a purpose. Don’t write a blog post because you only wrote one the entire month and you don’t want to fall off and lose followers. You will lose followers if you’re writing just to write, and trust me people can tell. You’ll know what is good content and what isn’t. I could write a blog post every day if I wanted to, but they would probably suck. So, just remember to write about things that are helpful or serve a purpose. Like I said before, do it for the right reasons.

Determine your own success. Some people may say that having the most followers makes them successful or if they end up blogging as their sole job they’re successful. Do not let anyone else’s idea of success dictate your idea of what success is going to be or what it is for your blog. My personal definition of success for my blog is having a following that truly enjoys my blog posts. As long as I receive positive feedback and encounter a ton of engagement on my posts, then I feel satisfied. That may or may not be what success is to you. Define it yourself. Do not fall into the pressure of meeting the same goals everyone else has.

Like I said- I’m not a big time blogger and I’m fairly new to this, but whenever someone comes to me with questions, these are the things I consistently tell them in regards to starting a blog. You can apply this to any social media platform for that matter. If you have any other questions about what I do for my blog or if you need more advice on how to do certain things or how to start in general, please do not hesitate to ask me. I am all about community over competition. There is so much room for everyone on the internet. There is no need to be selfish about tips and tricks, especially if we can share with people to help them do something they want to do.