Smile Brilliant: Best At Home Whitening System

A couple months back Smile Brilliant reached out to me and asked me if I would test out their whitening system and share it with y’all on my blog. Um hello, white teeth are a dream come true. I said yes almost instantly because I was going to be able to try a new whitening system and share my honest opinion about it with you ANNNND do a giveaway with them so one of you can have pearly whites too!

Let me tell y’all how blown away I was when I received my teeth whitening kit. It is the coolest teeth whitening system ever because of how personal their system is for your teeth. I was doing a lot of white strips before I got married, which work well but unfortunately those whiteners are a “one size fits all” type of strip and left my teeth sensitive to cold things like ice cream/frozen fruit. Smile Brilliant sends you a box with different putties so you can make a custom mold for your teeth trays. Then you send the mold back to them so they can make your custom trays for your top and bottom teeth. Smile Brilliant includes the packaging that is needed to send it back to them with a prepaid postal sticker so it’s a simple process. Once you ship the mold they ask for a couple of business days to create your custom trays.

Then they send your custom trays back with a few of the 2 different types of syringes for your whitening process. They send you a how-to step by step for the process to make it easier to understand. The card tells you exactly how to go about the process in case you have any questions. It couldn’t be more simple. So, the first syringe is the teeth whitening gel. You line your tray with the whitening gel and leave them in your mouth from about 15 minutes to an hour, whatever works best for your teeth. I worked my way up gradually within the month. It totally wasn’t necessary for me to “work my way up” in time since the second syringe is a desensitizing gel. If you’re familiar with teeth whitening systems, you know that they tend to leave your teeth very sensitive especially if you leave the product on for a long time. Thankfully the desensitizing gel counteracts the sensitivity that may be caused from the whitening gel. Literally, what a dream. Finally a teeth whitening system that doesn’t leave your teeth feeling wrecked after.

The best part is, with all of these amazing accomodations from Smile Brilliant, the product is still remarkable in what it is meant to do, which is whiten your teeth. The results I’ve gotten from using Smile Brilliant is impressive. My teeth are whiter without having caused any sensitivity at all. The results look natural and my teeth do not look bleached white. My stains are gone and I couldn’t be happier with sharing this product with y’all.

The part you all have been waiting for…THE GIVEAWAY!

One lucky winner will win $149 in credit to use for their own personal Smile Brilliant kit. All you have to do is submit your name and email address on the giveaway page in order to be entered! This giveaway is open internationally. The winner will be selected and contacted via email by 9/16!

If you are interested in ordering your own kit, I have a discount code for you.

Use code champagneandacarryon at checkout for 15% off!

Best of luck!